About Us

T &R Market was first opened in the winter of 1971 by Ted Williamson and his wife Rebecca as a small grocery store with a pawn shop located inside. A gas station was also located next to the building.

In the summer of 1972 Colin Tanner & his wife Coleen joined the business as partners. Over the next year the gas station was moved out by the road so the original building could be added onto. Now clothing & hardware, as well as groceries & pawn were available for their customers. The gas station also added coal, hay, kerosene, & propane for sale at the request of the customers.

In the 1980's another section of building was added to the existing market building.  The clothing was eliminated, hardware reduced and the grocery department was expanded into a full line small (15,000 sq. ft.) grocery store. More room was built on to the back of the building for the pawn department as well as another gas station that was added to the south which provided more pumps in a self-serve format.

The grocery store did well and in 2007 a new building was constructed to provide adequate room for a full line grocery store. The new building also provided about double the room for the pawn department which was also moved into the new building.

The fourth gas station was built in 1991 with eight double sided pumps, full canopy, and a large convenience store. A new Propane building (department) was also constructed behind the new gas station offering firewood, coal, wood pellets, kerosene, and live sheep as well as propane & related items.

T&R sales of feed started in the late 1970's as an 8' x 10' shed attached to the side of the Grocery Store that held a few bags of Purina Feed & block salt. The employees from the gas station took care of the "feed" sales along with the 2-wire hay sales.

In response to customer demand, in the mid 1980's T&R built a 40x60 metal building behind the Grocery Store and "T&R Feed" was born. This was a full line feed store offering many different products for livestock & ranching. A large hay barn was also built next to the new T&R Feed building to take care of the hay sales as well.

T&R Feed was moved into the old grocery store building in Aug 2010 and a full line western clothing department, toys, and limited pet supplies were added to the
existing product offerings.

The old feed store building now “T&R Toolshed” offers Husqvarna chain saws, tools, welders & welding supplies, hay, trailer & campers, and FR clothing.  We also pawn tools, trailers, welders, generators, and more.